What is 8 Seat Design?
8 Seat Design is the creation and brainchild of Michael Otjen, a former rower and alumni from the University of Wisconsin. Our designs and products are influenced and inspired from our time on the water, in the boathouse and racing.  Our goal is to become the leader in crew and rowing shirts, gifts and products.
We also have lives outside of the boathouse
 and hence our collections of non-rowing
 related designs and products. On our site
 you will find designs inspired by our travels
 around the world, photographs, and sometime
 things that have just struck us as humorous
 or inspirational.
Where does the name 8 Seat come from?
A rower's position in the boat is designated by counting up from the bow. In an eight, the person closest to the bow of the boat is "bow," the next is 2, followed by 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and finally 8 or "stroke."  The 8 seat is responsible for the stroke rate and rhythm of the boat just as we hope 8 Seat Designs hopes to be the leader in crew and rowing T-shirts, clothes products and gifts.